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Hello, my name is Steven Webber. I am a Nature/Landscape photographer from the Pacific Northwest. 

First starting out in photography in a high school photography class. I continued by joining the annual staff, photographing and designing our schools Yearbooks. Most recognized for my ability to capture the action of our sports teams. Often asked by our color printshop “How did you get that shot? Were you on the field?” Everything I photographed was in 35mm film on a Petax K1000, so as manual as you can get. Access to a darkroom allowed me the ability to learn black and white film developing, printing and enlarging. It was also my first experience with dodging and burning. The way Ansel Adams did it. This has helped me tremendously in my current digital world.

Since, My excitement for photography has led me to many locations and some exciting adventures. It drove me to explore the PNW backcountry to photograph anything and everything i could to learn the trade. Unfortunately the cost of film developing and lack of dark room or consistent digital technology has made it difficult to maintain a consistent passion. The lack of updated gear or having only small point and shoot cameras didn't detour me from finding ways to create great images. More recently, a diagnosis of cancer and the cold hard reality of a career change, gave me to much free time and I found myself once again picking up the camera to help clear my mind in what was a slow stressful recovery. A new camera and a little motivation set me on a path of rediscovery in myself and relit the passion for photography. What you see in my photography is a journey to reconnect, enjoy, capture and share the beauty found all around us.

Join me in my travels as I search for new Locations, visit old locations with fresh ideas and explore creative ways to tell stories through my imagery. Like a lot, share often and leave comments on anything and everything. You are the life blood of my photography. Without that support, my images will remain unseen by the people that might enjoy them. Be sure to interact and follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you and enjoy!

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